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What is Love on Wheels?

Love on Wheels is a program of Humane Tomorrow. Its mission is to reduce the euthanasia of dogs in Texas shelters by transporting them to areas where the demand for adoptable dogs cannot currently be met.


In 5 years Love on Wheels has saved 2,500 dogs!

Can you imagine a place where people have to SEARCH for shelter dogs to adopt? We call that Utopia…they call it Syracuse, NY. While there are lots of communities across the country that have done a great job of reducing their euthanasia rates, we selected Helping Hounds Dog Rescue to be our partner. They share our philosophy of matching dogs to the most appropriate homes and caring for them like family during their stay there. We are truly fortunate to have found our rescue “soulmate” in this wonderful organization and are grateful to them for helping us save so many dogs.

So how does it work?

Humane Tomorrow volunteers are in constant contact with North Texas shelters, particularly those in rural areas that have little space and get little foot traffic for adoptions. They are full ALL the time, and workers constantly struggle to find homes for great dogs who simply aren’t being seen.

As soon as we have space, Humane Tomorrow takes in these dogs, gets them all the necessary veterinary care, and moves them into an available foster home. Foster homes get to know the dogs, so they can tell us as much about them as possible when they head to New York to find permanent homes. They care for them for a few short weeks and then send them on their way with a big hug and a few tears. It’s hard to say goodbye sometimes…but fosters know they are sending them to a better life and can now go out and save another one. We call that #addictedtofostering! And you can be part of it—just email or complete the foster application HERE and send it to us. Here’s a summary of what we expect from Love on Wheels fosters.

Humane Tomorrow pays for all veterinary care to prepare a dog for transport to our partners back east. None of that cost is recouped with an adoption fee like dogs that we place up for adoption here in Texas. The receiving group gets an adoption fee, but that goes to pay the cost of transporting the dogs. Therefore, Love on Wheels is completely dependent on donations.

Humane Tomorrow has transported over 3,000 dogs through Love on Wheels. That’s 3,000 dogs who didn’t perish in a shelter. 2.500 spaces opened up to give the dogs still there more time to find homes. 3,000 times that a shelter worker didn’t have to make a heart-wrenching decision. 3,000 happy families in New York. We love this program, and we need you to help us keep it going!

We’re asking you to give, and we’ve made it easy by creating levels of support to fit any budget. It costs Humane Tomorrow approximately $300 for the veterinary care necessary to send a​ ​dog the 1500 miles to Syracuse, NY, and give him or her a chance at a new life​ ​through Love on Wheels. That’s $2 for every ten miles. When you sign up to be a Love on Wheels supporter, we’ll email you a picture and biography of a Love on Wheels dog YOU helped save. Please sign up today to be part of this lifesaving program.