Respect. Responsibility. Compassion. Change.

Programs That Make A Difference

Humane Tomorrow has numerous programs, all designed to change the lives of animals. From helping pets in need right now to making a larger impact in reducing the animal overpopulation program, our programs are centered around our core values, and they drive everything we do.

Helping animals in need today is important. Improving animal welfare so there are fewer in need tomorrow is crucial.

Our Programs

ANIMAL PLACEMENT: Our adoption program seeks to find homes for great pets. As local shelters focus more on increasing adoptions, Humane Tomorrow will often take in the pets who are harder to adopt due to age, health, or injuries. Love on Wheels transports dogs to partners out of state to find more great homes.

EDUCATION AND OUTREACH: Helping good pet owners keep animals in a home is just as important. We have spay/neuter and financial assistance programs for those in need. We have several volunteers who work with owners trying to solve behavioral problems before a pet ends up at a shelter. We work hard to develop engaging programs for children so they are safe, respectful, and compassionate to animals.