Want to foster but not able to? Become a virtual foster parent!

Humane Tomorrow Virtual Foster Program

Foster homes are the foundation of our adoption program. Animals in shelters often show signs depression, anxiety, and aggression after even a short time. This environment is not conducive to helping a dog find a home, and the longer they stay there the more serious the problems can become. While many modern shelters now provide regular exercise, socialization time, and enrichment programs, these are no substitute for a real home environment. As a result, Humane Tomorrow has chosen to rely on foster homes rather than long-term sheltering so that our dogs and cats become more adoptable over time. This allows us to hold them for as long as needed to find them the best and most appropriate homes.


We have some foster families who have fostered 200+ animals!

Fostering requires a substantial commitment from the people who open their homes to these animals. While Humane Tomorrow provides all medical care, fosters generally provide the food and toys for these animals. In addition, although crates, leashes, collars, and behavioral advice are available to fosters, it is not unusual for them to utilize their own personal resources and equipment. Since the history – and housetraining status – of these animals is almost always unknown, fosters must take care to avoid damage to their homes but often incur costs such as carpet cleaning, additional household cleaning supplies, etc.

Foster homes recognize and accept these costs as a small price to pay in exchange for the reward and sense of accomplishment when an animal finds a home. However, wouldn’t it be great if their dedication and effort didn’t cost them financially? It doesn’t have to. With Humane Tomorrow’s new “Virtual Foster” program, individuals who would like to foster but cannot for some reason, or who simply want to thank the dedicated people who open their homes to these animals, can sponsor a foster home.

When you become a Virtual Foster, you become a member of our community of foster families through our private Facebook group! You will get to see photos of our foster animals, hear stories about them and see our foster families at work taking care of these very precious lives. Your donation will be pooled with other cat or dog Virtual Foster donors, and our foster homes will be able to request funds to help with all the expenses of fostering, such as food, treats, cleaning supplies and litter. Your ongoing support helps keep a foster home open for dogs and cats in need!

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Sponsor A Foster

You can get a new foster home off to the right start! The New Foster Home gift package includes items needed to get a foster home set up and on the right track for success.

Dog package: $250
This package provides a dog foster with all the basics, including a crate, first bag of food, leash/collar with Humane Tomorrow tag, Nature’s Miracle carpet cleaner, paper towels, a medical kit (Neosporin, hydrogen peroxide, digital thermometer, Pepto Bismol, cough syrup, cotton swabs, ear cleaner), nail clippers, dog shampoo/conditioner, and a Kong or other sturdy chew toy.

Cat package: $125
This package provides a cat foster with all the basics, including a carrier, first bag of food, collar with Humane Tomorrow tag, litter box/first bag of litter, medical kit (Neosporin, hydrogen peroxide, digital thermometer, Pepto Bismol, cotton swabs, ear cleaner), nail clippers, and a scratching pole or toy.

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