All our dogs and cats are great, but a few are truly VIPs!

Adoptable VIPs (Very Important Pets!)

Sometimes we get animals who need some extra TLC. Maybe they were sick or injured, and were beneficiaries of our Mercy Fund. Maybe they have a chronic health condition that needs a family who can handle the care they need. Or maybe they had a background that resulted in anxiety and need just the right home – and ongoing training – to thrive. These are our VIPs, and we know some special human is out there to give them a great home.


Older or ill pets are much harder to adopt, and Humane Tomorrow takes in as many as we can to reduce the burden on shelters.

If you can’t adopt one of these great animals, then please spread the word, and consider making a donation to our Mercy Fund today, which helps fund care for these pets.

  • $25 could treat a kitten for upper respiratory infection
  • $250 could treat a dog for heartworms
  • $1,000 could treat a puppy for parvo
  • $3,000 could mend a broken leg