Humane Tomorrow’s Love on Wheels program, which rescues dogs at risk of euthanasia in Texas shelters and sends them to New York to be adopted, celebrated rescued dog #2500 last week. The dog, Luna, is a Chihuahua mix who came to Humane Tomorrow from the Mount Pleasant Animal Shelter and was fostered by Kathy Schmitt of Flower Mound, who became a foster home several years ago and has also adopted from the organization.

“Through Love on Wheels, I get to welcome lots of wonderful dogs into my home and my heart,” Schmitt says. “Although I get attached and the goodbyes can be heart wrenching, I know that as a foster home I’m the bridge between homelessness and a loving family for the dogs. Seeing updates from the adoptive families that show how much they adore these dogs is such a joy.”

Love on Wheels is made possible in part by a yearly grant from the ASPCA. The Flower Mound-based program usually focuses on assisting smaller, rural shelters that do not have many adoptions and whose dogs can sometimes languish for weeks or months without being adopted. However, Love on Wheels has also assisted the community in times of crisis, taking in dogs rescued in large-scale cruelty seizures and natural disasters such as the recent Hurricane Harvey. Six dogs also leaving last week were taken in after being evacuated from shelters in storm-ravaged cities in southeast Texas.

Executive Director Stacy Smith emphasized that the “hurricane dogs” are not dogs people might be searching for. “These are dogs who were available in shelters prior to the storm but who might have been euthanized due to a lack of space as the dogs lost in the storm started making their way into shelters,” she said. “It’s very gratifying to be able to help them as well as give families more time to locate lost pets.”

Smith, along with several other Humane Tomorrow volunteers, recently spent time in Houston working with Animal Investigation and Response, Houston Humane Society, and the Humane Society of the United States in their hurricane relief efforts. The organization has taken in nearly 100 dogs and cats as a result of Hurricane Harvey, many of whom are available for adoption at

Humane Tomorrow is a non-profit 501(c)3, all volunteer organization dedicated to promoting a respectful, responsible, and compassionate relationship between animals and people. Humane Tomorrow works to rescue and place unwanted and abused animals in north Texas as well as providing spay/neuter assistance and education to companion animal guardians.

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