Meet Pippa

More About Me...

Gold w/White Labrador Retriever/Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix
Age: 10 months
House Trained: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes Over 6
Good with Cats: No
Good with Dogs: Yes

Pippa is a 30 pound, 6 month old Labrador Retriever/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, and she is such a bundle of sweetness and cuteness you can hardly stand it! Pippa loves, loves, loves to play with the other dogs in her foster home and adores her human fosters just as much. Pippa will not do well with cats because she likes to chase them. She loves to snuggle up on the couch when she's allowed to but is happy to sleep on the floor as well. She is doing well in a crate at night and while her foster mom is gone. She also has learned some basic training commands like sit and down. She is working on jumping but she's super smart and will get the hang of it quickly. Pippa is doing well at potty training - but she was rescued from being kept outdoors full-time so she may have the occasional accident until she learns that her new humans will take excellent care of her and let her out regularly. Pippa is a puppy so would do better in a family with kids over the age of 6. One look in those beautiful eyes and you'll see why Pippa would be such a great addition to your family!