Meet Mufasa

More About Me...

Tan Chihuahua Mix
Age: 6 years 11 months
House Trained: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes Over 6
Good with Cats: Unsure
Good with Dogs: Unsure

Mufasa is a 6 year old, 15 lb Chihuahua mix. He is an awesome little guy that needs a very specific type of home. Muf tends to favor one person in his home, and he is super loyal to that person. He follows them around the house, sits in their lap, cuddles under a blanket next to them, and tries to protect them from any other dog or cat that approaches them. So...Muf really needs to be an only dog so he's not always on "guard duty". Even though he will choose his #1 person in the family, he has enough love to share with others. He should do fine with kids over 6 years old, if they are gentle with him. Muf walks well on a leash, and is very friendly with everyone he meets on his walks. He also loves his treats, which helps with his positive reinforcement training. Mufasa is housebroken and crate trained. He will be such a loyal and loving companion for the right adopter.