Meet Jean

More About Me...

Red w/ White Basenji/Lab Mix
Age: 2 years 4 months
House Trained: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes Over 6
Good with Cats: Unsure
Good with Dogs: Yes

Jean is a one year old, 40 lb Labrador/Basenji mix, although the breed mix is just our best guess. Jean was a stray in a remote area, and she wandered onto some property with chickens. Since Jean was out on her own, she was hungry and decided to have a chicken dinner. The owner of the property got very angry and instead of just turning her into the local shelter, he decided to punish her in a very severe way. We at Humane Tomorrow have decided not to show the photos because they are very disturbing and difficult to see. This person used heavy duty zip cable ties to tie Jean to a pile of wood for over 24 hours. The ties were so tight that they cut off her circulation and she still has scars that may never heal completely. In spite of this horrible treatment, foster mom and dad say that Jean is a very sweet and well behaved dog. She may be a little shy when first meeting someone new, but she warms up quickly. We named her Jean because we are hoping that some wonderful people will adopt her and treat her like a princess for the rest of her life. She loves to play chase and romp with people or other dogs. She's only barked 4 times since she has been in foster care (Basenji trait), so she is a quiet soul. She's learned to play with rope toys and stuffed toys, but will still go for socks, shoes, and yarn if they're left out and in reach. She knows how to kennel on command, and she is housebroken. Jean is very sensitive to tone. She needs to be corrected with a calm, quiet tone, and she will respond immediately. She'll come when called, but that's not usually an issue because she likes to follow her people everywhere! Jean rides well in a car, but it's not her favorite thing to do. She has great leash manners. We think she would be ok with kids over the age of 6, but she may startle at loud noises. Jean will be a loving, loyal pet for the right adopters. Chicken owners need not apply!