Meet Camille

More About Me...

Black w/White Labrador/Pit Mix
Age: 1 year 5 weeks
House Trained: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes Over 6
Good with Cats: Unsure
Good with Dogs: Yes

Camille is a 3 month old, 14 lb Labrador Retriever/Pit mix puppy. Her foster mom calls her Tippy because of the white tip on her tail. Her ears are always flopped over in the same direction, like they are blowing in the wind - so cute! If you are looking for a snuggle bug then Camille is for you. Camille has puppy energy and loves to play, but she can also settle down in your lap for a nice nap. Camille loves to be outside and explore the backyard. Camille loves playing with the two Labs in her foster home. She would love a playmate to play tug and wrestle with, but she would be fine as an only dog too, as long as her people give her plenty of play time. During the night and when her fosters aren’t home, Camille is crated and does very well. She is pretty much fully potty trained when she goes out regularly. She can also sleep through the night without a problem and will only whine from her crate if she needs to go out to potty. Good girl! Camille is a sweetheart of a puppy!