Meet Betty

More About Me...

Gray DSH
Age: 3 years 3 months
Litterbox Trained: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes Over 6
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Dogs: No
Declawed: No

A loving and loyal companion, that’s what I’ll be if you give me a calm environment and time to settle in. I’ve had a rough start, but since landing in a quiet supportive home, I am regaining my confidence. I love my foster mom. I follow her everywhere and will come running to her when she calls my name. I will even roll over and let her rub my tummy—how many cats can say that!! Playing is my favorite activity now. I even throw my own toys up into the air and catch them! As time goes by, I’m getting more and more comfortable with my foster dad. He is so patient with me. I used to run and hide but now I will sit in the same room and “talk” to him when he says my name. Mom says I do best when allowed to discover things at my own pace. Though I would love to be an “only pet,” I am ok with the 3 resident dogs---they have been around so many foster cats that they don’t even give me the time of day. An active dog that will put this nose in my face…..well, probably not. I have also started to follow one of the resident cats around—she is super kicked back and low-energy. Kids and I won’t be a good match as I am still adjusting to sudden loud noises and sudden movements. They say that rescue pets make the most loyal and loving pets once they are allowed time to decompress and relax. I can guarantee that’s me! If you are willing to be patient and kind and allow me time to get comfortable, I will become your best fur-buddy!