Meet Lucinda

More About Me...

Female Black, Orange, and White Calico DLH
Age: 3 years 5 months
Litterbox Trained: Yes
Good with Kids: No
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Dogs: No
Declawed: No

Tired of being quarantined with no one to talk to? Well let me just tell you, you will no longer have that problem if you adopt me. Oh, who am I? Lucinda and I'm a cat that likes to sit near you and be petted while listening to you talk all day (or night). You can tell me anything since I am good at keeping a secret. If you are wondering about my designer "cauliflower" ears that is what happens when you get so infested with ear mites and no one is around to get you medical attention in time. I just kept shaking my head and scratching so much at those mites that I now have permanent scar tissue damage. But the Humane Tomorrow vet says the buggers are all gone and I'm perfectly okay now. Any who, I had kittens this past summer and I am so ready to be an empty nester and get some real adult girl (or guy) time with a new family. Things I like are quiet moments, meal times, and, well, just about any time there aren't my little kittens involved. If you are an empty nester too, then you know what I mean. So if you have a quiet household, and need a good listener put in an application to adopt me and let's get to chatting.