What's in a name?

Humane Tomorrow

For 18 years, the Humane Society of Flower Mound has served Flower Mound and the surrounding communities with programs to enrich the lives of animals and people—programs including adoptions, spay/neuter, emergency medical assistance, and our Love on Wheels program. We've accomplished this with 100% volunteer power, utilizing the space generously provided by the Flower Mound Veterinary Hospital, various local pet supply stores, and often, our volunteers' own homes and offices. We've rescued and assisted over 6,500 animals in those 18 years, yet we have always wanted to do more.

We admire and partner with humane societies in our area and across the country, but we've long believed our name didn't quite match our mission. We are more than an animal adoption agency; our goal is nothing less than to change the face of animal welfare in north Texas. Our passion and conviction demand it.

Our core values of respect, responsibility, compassion, and change will help us create a better future. Education. Outreach. Innovative programs that help animals and people in need. Taking on animal welfare issues and tirelessly striving for the kind of world we want for the next generation.

That's why on January 1, 2016, HSFM will become Humane Tomorrow.

Why Tomorrow? What about today? Humane Tomorrow is about our vision; it is about taking action today to create a Humane Tomorrow for every animal. It's not about putting our work off until tomorrow — rather, until we no longer have animals to rescue from abuse, neglect, or tragedy, our work is not done.

What about Flower Mound? It has been our home for 18 years, and the commitment we have to Flower Mound and Denton County animals – and animal lovers – will not change. Yet we already serve a much broader community than that. Love on Wheels reaches dogs from Wichita Falls to east Texas and touches lives in upstate New York. Our volunteers have helped animals in need after disasters like Hurricane Katrina or the Moore, OK tornado. We've already expanded the area of animals we serve, and our new name will reflect that.

In addition, our new name helps avoid confusion between our organization and those we consider partners but with whom we are not directly affiliated, such as the Humane Society of the United States or Flower Mound Animal Services.

In this new chapter of our organization's history, you'll see us continue to do the good work you're familiar with, and you will see many new exciting opportunities to help animals and the people that care for them.

We hope you will be joining us in this new adventure, whether it be through simply spreading the word, making a donation, or volunteering to help with our existing – and new - programs. On behalf of the animals of north Texas, we thank you for always being there for us so that we can be there for them.